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Farm & Sanctuary

Karibu, Victory Hill Community Farm & Sanctuary. Located in Arusha, Tanzania, on the foothills of the volcano of Mount Meru, on the eastern edge of the the Great Rift ValleyOur community is primarily Maasai agro-pastoralists with a mix of different tribes such as Chagga, Mbulu, Barabaig. 

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In this subtropical highland climate we are growing a variety of crops including peanuts (karanga), bananas (ndizi), watermelon (Majitiki), tomato (nanya), and potato’s (nyazi). Our produce is shared by our farm helpers and sold to market to support our after school learning program for children in our neighborhood.  


In addition to horticultural crops, our farm grows corn twice a year during the biannual rain season which characterizes the climate of the region. Our corn grain is used to feed our animal friends who live on our farm. Herald, Blessa, Normando, Noah, and all our chickens greatly enjoy all parts of the corn plant. At our farm Mama Noelle processes our corn grain and prepare it to be made into flour. Ugali, a staple in Tanzanian cousine, is made of corn flour.  


Our farm values respect and kindness to all creatures and offers a peaceful space for members of our community to find employment, for children to play, learn English and learn the importance being kind to pets and animals. We hope you can visit our farm and sanctuary and get to experience the peaceful culture of rural farming life in the heartland of Africa. 


Visit our farm, meet our animals, play in our playground, hike up Victory Hill


Lend your hand on the farm, plant seeds, play with kids after school


Find sanctuary on farm, listen to the bird songs, enjoy the tranquility of the neighborhood



Are you tour company, hostel, or have visitors seeking an half-day activity in the Arusha area?  Bring them to the farm! Hang our with our donkey Noah, our cows and chickens. Meet our Mama Noel and get a garden tour. See the crops in season and learn a bit about the local farming techniques. Our farm manager, Manase, is an experienced porter for Mount Kilimanjaro and would love to take you on an 45 minute trek through the local farmland to the top of Victory Hill where you can get a 360 view. 

Seeking Volunteers with knowledge or desire to learn about sustainable agriculture, small scale farming, permaculture, animal husbandry, and early childhood education

Farm Activities

Specific tasks include:

  • preparing plant beds, planting seeds, harvesting

  • taking harvest to market

  • post harvest storage

  • composting

Livestock Managment

Specific tasks include:

  • watering livestock

  • cleaning stalls

  • compisting animal waste

  • assisting in veterinary medicine

  • preparing animal feed

  • taking livestock to graze

Early Eduction

Specific tasks include:

  • Assist school teacher in one hour lesson

  • Reading books

  • Teaching songs and games



Our farm house is a cozy, clean an safe place nestled in a quiet farming community. We host volunteers, students and researchers in the sustainable agriculture and community development. 

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